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What's in a name?

My name is David Early, and I am a relatively new father to two beautiful children, Jonah and Jessica. I have always had a passion for photography and the natural environment which I explored through landscapes and wildlife. I have been shooting landscapes for over a decade and over this period, I became increasingly inspired by light. For me, light, particularly natural light, is the fundamental element that underpins all aspects of photography. Light can drastically change the tone of an image; elevating the bland and boring into something that is bold and beautiful. 

Dearly Photography. What does it mean? Brands. Logos. Design. When trying to conceptualise a brand for my photography, I felt that it had to be based on more than just 'David Early Photography'. I wanted it to reflect my passions and the services that I would offer, yet I also needed it to describe the experience and aesthetic that people can expect if they choose to book with me. After all, it is the 'brand' that most of my customers will first interact with; it is crucial that this connects me with people and also instils a sense of trust and confidence. The fonts, colours, textures, and expressions of my brand aim to capture and convey the mood of my photography to my clients, which you can read more about here.

That all said, I still wanted my brand identity to be personal to me and not simply a catchy, trend-driven concept. I wanted it to be flexible, to enable it to evolve alongside me, the photographer, and my style. When I thought about all of the different aspects of my shooting style, from concept to final product, and how to describe them, the word that continually came to mind was 'dearly'. Each moment I capture on camera is dear to me. 

Through my photography, I aim to capture people in their ordinary, or natural, environment and document real-life experiences and interactions in an artistic manner. In my mind, this generally can't be done in a studio, at least not in a meaningful, captivating way. You won't see many traditional, posed portraits in the classic studio setup, which far too often do not convey anything typical or unique to the people in front of the lens. Of course, there is a balance to this. I would always try to meet individual requirements and expectations, without sacrificing what it is that makes photography special to me. It is the blend of capturing people doing things that they would ordinarily do, whilst being creative and applying my own vision and aesthetic to the final image. 

It is the intersection of being the director and the unnoticed observer. 

This is how Dearly Photography was born. It is exceptionally convenient that my brand is also a transposition of my first initial into my surname, which is what makes this so unique to me and my style.